Virginia Colletti

Hi! I’m an Illinois state certified teacher. I am qualified to teach birth through 3rd grade general education, birth through 6th grade special education and birth through 12th grade ESL. I have taught pre-K through high school. I have experience helping teenage parents get a high school diploma while learning parenting skills and basic child development. I believe learning must be hands on, relevant and meaningful to the learner so I teach in authentic settings and non traditional environments.

Occupation: Educator

Grade Levels: Any elementary grades, most middle school and some high school courses. 

Subjects: I have experience teaching pre-K- 6th grade, junior high Spanish, and high school general education.

Affiliation: Springfield District 186

Availability: Individual & Group Tutoring; Morning, Afternoon & Evening Hours

Rate: Depends on individual vs. group, number of hours/week, and tutoring remote student (following a teachers curriculum) vs homeschooling (developing a customized education plan).

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