Educator Directory Submission

Share your expertise with the Springfield community.

The Educator Directory is meant to help pair qualified college students and educators (including teachers, teaching aides, therapists, and other school-based professionals) with local families seeking instruction or extra help for their children. We invite you to fill out the form below if you would like to be included in our directory and utilize Springfield Annex as your primary tutoring location.

Springfield Annex does not employ or contract with educators to provide services at our location, nor do we handle transactions between educators and families. You have full control over your tutoring rates, and when you utilize our space, you can decide whether you will build that discounted cost into your pricing or split it with families. 

Please note: your contact information will not be shared publicly. Families who are interested in your services will first contact Springfield Annex, and we will reach out to you with potential student inquiries.

  • This information should be related to working as an educator (e.g. your credentials, qualifications, teaching philosophy, unique strengths).
  • If you are a college/graduate student, this can be where you are pursuing your degree. If you are an educator/professional, this can be where you work (or if you are retired, where you worked previously).
  • Please check all options that apply.
  • Parents often inquire about educators' tutoring rates before reaching out to them. Sharing yours can eliminate the need for this conversation later, and will help families decide between two tutors with similar backgrounds, in accordance with their own household budgets. Feel free to list different rates for individual vs. group tutoring, as well as take into account the discounted cost of using space at Springfield Annex if you so desire.
  • If you would for us to include your photo in the directory, you can upload one here.