How To Book With Us

Let us help meet your educational and/or professional needs.

Please read the descriptions for each statement below, and then click the one that best represents what you are seeking. If you’re not sure, or have additional questions, please email us (

I’m seeking a facilitator to monitor and assist with my child(ren)’s virtual learning.

Pay one affordable rate for both private space and a facilitator (one of our qualified college students or high school seniors with tutoring experience). This option is best if you are interested in having your child(ren) or small groups up to 4 students complete their virtual schoolwork and assigned lessons in a focused environment during the day.

I’m seeking a certified educator to assist my child(ren) in specific subjects.

For this purpose, we offer an Educator Directory that you can browse and then reach out to the educator(s) of your choice to arrange tutoring services. Please note that scheduling and payment for tutoring services is handled with educators directly, and does not include the cost of booking space at Springfield Annex.

I have already made arrangements for my child(ren) and just need to book space.

You are more than welcome to bring in your own educator, tutor, or other adult who will facilitate learning/tutoring for your child(ren) or small group of up to 4 students. If you have already made these arrangements, you are ready to book with us!

I am an educator interested in booking space for virtual teaching or in-person tutoring.

Springfield Annex is the ideal location for teachers/tutors who have lined up multiple students or wish to do so in a safe, neutral space. Educators are also welcome to conduct their virtual lessons and/or record videos for students in our private rooms.

I am a professional interested in booking space for working remotely.

We welcome professionals of all kinds to Springfield Annex. Our rooms can accomodate individuals or up to 4 colleagues at once. Utilize our commercial high-speed internet for video calls on all platforms or whatever other technology-related needs you may have.