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Consider Springfield Annex your space away from work, home or school. 

Due to the implications of COVID-19, a large number of students and educators are now learning and working virtually. Some families have opted to homeschool and/or hire a tutor, while many educators will be working with individual students or in small groups. Still other families simply need a facilitator to monitor, assist, and keep their children focused during their daily virtual learning. And because so many children will be learning virtually at home, plenty of parents who are working remotely need quiet, distraction-free spaces in which to do so.

With all of these circumstances in mind, we saw a way to be of service to our community by utilizing our building on Centre West Drive. Springfield Annex is now open and available as a study and work center for virtual learning, tutoring, small group homeschool pods, and professionals.

Centrally located in the capitol city, Springfield Annex offers ample parking, restrooms, high-speed wifi (suitable for teleconferencing and video communication), and spacious private rooms for social distancing. Our building features exterior and interior security cameras, as well as a locked entrance for everyone’s safety. We are adhering to strict safety guidelines and COVID-19 protocols to provide a clean, quiet environment that is conducive to learning and productivity.

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For those who have students enrolled in virtual learning, you can book space with us and have our facilitators monitor and provide assistance as needed, all included in one affordable price. Learn more about our facilitator program.

If you are in need of specific academic tutoring, you can utilize our Educator Directory to arrange tutoring services. Once you have made scheduling and payment arrangements with a certified educator, either you or the educator can book space at Springfield Annex.

We also welcome families to bring in their own teachers, tutors or other adults who will be guiding the learning process with individual children or small groups of up to 4 students.


Upon setting your tutoring schedule, book your space at Springfield Annex for either one-time, weekly, or daily use. You can choose your day and time block (morning, afternoon, full day, or evening).

Please note that Springfield Annex does not employ or contract with certified educators to provide tutoring services. All scheduling and payment for tutoring services are handled between parents and educators.


Looking for a quiet, distraction-free remote work location? Reserve your space at Springfield Annex; you choose your dates, time blocks, and frequency.

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